Protesters Demand Mary Broh Be Charged with Assault


Protesters Demand Mary Broh Be Charged with Assault

Madam Mary Broh, the director general of the General Services Agency (GSA) yesterday escaped assault at the Temple of Justice when she was confronted by a furious mob protesting the omission of her name from the “Simple Assault” charge brought on two of her bodyguards at the Monrovia City Court.

Madam Broh’s appearance was as a result of a complaint Sheikh A. Kouyateh filed to the court alleging that it was Madam Broh who authorized his bodyguards to flog him at the Bureau of Vital Statistics in Monrovia. But her name was not on the charge sheet that contained the names of the three bodyguards.

The drama started when Kouyateh’s lawyer realized that the police charge sheet on which Timothy S. Synenka and Emmanuel D. Freeman were charged with simple assault did not have Madam Broh’s name on it, prompting him to ask for the inclusion of her name.

Protesters demanded that Mary Broh’s name be include on the charge sheet yesterday.
It was based on that request the court decided to invite Madam Broh to a conference to establish if there was a cause to include her on the list as accused.

While outside the courtroom on her way to attend the conference in the office of Magistrate Kennedy Peabody, a group of people believed to be supporters of Kouyateh stormed the Temple of Justice and demanding the inclusion of Madam Broh on the charge sheet.

The group attempted to enter the premises of the Temple of Justice to make sure that Madam Broh’s name was included on the list of the accused, but was prevented by officers of the Liberia National Police and bailiffs.

As a result, Madam Broh was kept in the office of Magistrate Peabody for hours before the officers managed to take her away. No arrest was made yesterday by the police.

Meanwhile, Madam Broh is scheduled to reappear on Monday, August 28.

On August 10 at the Bureau of Vital Statistics, court records alleged, Timothy S. Synenka and Emmanuel D. Freeman jumped on Kouyateh and inflicted pains and injuries on his body.

The alleged act by the defendants is unlawful, wicked and it violates Section 14.21 of the New Penal Law of the Republic and crime herein defendants did and commit, the record said.


August 23rd, 2017

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