Secret Recording Reveals Planning of Bank Robbery in Buchanan


Secret Recording Reveals Planning of Bank Robbery in Buchanan

Monrovia – Secret recordings obtained by FrontPageAfrica show that recent attempted robbery on Global Bank’s branch in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County was a master plan allegedly orchestrated by notorious armed robbers, insiders of the bank in cohort with members of the Liberia National Police (LNP).

Report by Lennart Dodoo –

“The people they’re not just ordinary people. They’re the chief of burglary for the Republic of Liberia – Paul and Sam Ballah. They’re not just common officers.

“They’re in the society with us – All these things that go on like armed robbery and all those sorts of things, they’ve got their people there that they can send, too” – Robbery gang leader alleges in phone conversation

The mission which was carried out two Saturdays ago was busted by the Police after White Water Security – a private security firm providing protection for the bank facilities – hinted the Police on the robbery in progress.

At least 11 persons were arrested by the LNP the tipoff.

They were arrested with two single barrel guns, two live single barrel rounds, two black bags container two chisels, one drilling machine, charger and assorted keys.

A Police source told FrontPageAfrica – “Only a few of us within the Police knew about the entire plan and their whole schedule.”

“Though there is no proof to this, we believe that some of our officers work with these guys, so we kept this tipoff a top secret.”

A telephone conversation between suspect Elias Mayson – the master planner – and a security guard of White Water revealed that the planned robbery was carefully arranged and should they be busted by the Police, some high ranking members of the LNP would aid their release or help them get a lesser charges.

Part of the telephone conversation between the suspects of the security officer which was recorded went as follows:

Security Officer: These two Police officers that you say can protect us, what are their positions?

Suspect Mason: The people they are not just ordinary people – they are the chief [of] burglary for the whole Republic of Liberia – Paul and Sam Ballah – they’re the chief of burglary for the whole of Liberia. They’re not just ordinary eh… eh… [Officers]. They control the entire Central.

White Water Security officer’s help was solicited by the gang to aid them with information about the bank, the location of the vault, what it looks like, what the key looks like and where it is kept.

The suspect claimed that the LNP officers who often aid in their release are members of a secret society called Garsu which all members of his gang are part of.

They take oath and perform other rituals upon becoming members to uphold the secrets of the group, protect and defend each other at all times.

Police Spokesman Sam Collins could not comment on the allegation linking LNP officers. He said he was not abreast with details of the investigation and had to contact his bosses before giving an official comment.

However, it can be recalled that Sam Ballah and other high ranking Police officials were suspended in February 2016 after they were linked to facilitating armed robbery.

He was reinstated in April this year.

Elias aided this ‘new accomplices’ attain Liberian passports so that they would immediately flee the country after the robbery.

The robbery was purposefully planned for Saturday midnight into Sunday 4:00 A.M. This was because, the bank would remain closed until Monday, thereby, giving them more time to freely flee the country without a chase.

“Many of the suspects who are on the run are out of the country.”

“That’s what they do – the ring leader makes sure he acquires passport for them before the operation; once the operation is done successfully, he gives them their passports and share of the stolen money and they flee,” the Police source told this paper.

According to our sources, the robbery was originally scheduled to have taken place the weekend Vice President Joseph Boakai was endorsed by supporters in Buchanan, but the plan was changed upon realization that the Buchanan was busy that night.

Hence, they diverted their operation that night to the Ecobank branch at Freeport where they attempted burglarizing, but could not penetrate the vault.

The recordings obtained by FPA also reveal how the robbers tried to compromise the security of the bank.

Below is a transcript of a telephone conversation between the ring leader and a security officer at the bank.

Elias: Y’all be how many on shift?

Security: We’re four on the third train

Elias: How many persons can be to the back?

Security: We can assign two men at the back

Elias: Who’s the third shift commander?

Security: I’m the one

Elias: We planning something – you want something and stupid person can’t stop your opportunity, you know that?

Security: Yes

Elias: OK, Ehn someone day can be off?

Security: Yes Somebody day can be off

Elias: Y’all get R.O there?

Security: Yes, our R.O here

Elias: The back there we’ll open it, you understand? Don’t worry on anything; what we need is for the money to come outside.
We can’t use the front because anytime someone can be traveling and when you are hauling money outside, you can’t park car over there.

Money hauling is not just five seconds something. So we’re using the back to speed up.

The men would be working at the back there, while you people in front watching, as soon as they finish hauling the money, you people deserting post we then we start going.

He went on seeking vivid description of the location of the vault, and the description of the key that opens it, who keeps the key and where it is often kept.

(Some details of the conversation between Elias and security cannot be published for security reasons)

He assured his bank security that among them is someone who is capable of opening any lock in no time.

“The way the rain can be falling this time, when we ready, we’ll use that Lonestar big umbrella to cover him up, like that they’ll think that because of the rain,” the suspect said in a telephone conversation during the planning process.

Elias Mayson, also known as Daryl fled the scene upon the arrival of the Police. FrontPageAfrica gathered that he carries two passports – a Liberian and an Ivorian passport.

Those arrested on the scene include:

Zeydo Zinnah (Buchanan), Fred Bafore (Clara Town), Daniel Seyonka (Freeport), Emmanuel Brooks (Logan Town), Wayea Tarnue (Clara Town), Varney Kamara (Freeport), Moses Perry Fallah (Caldwell) and Johnson Okun (Point Four).

They’ve been charged with armed robbery, criminal conspiracy, possession and sale of physical object for lethal use, burglary and criminal mischief.a


July 3rd, 2017

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