Grand Gedeh Inspector Frowns On Character Assassination


Grand Gedeh Inspector Frowns On Character Assassination

September 28 2017
The County inspector of Grand Gedeh, Mr. Tailey Dweh, has expressed disappointment over persistent character assassination and rain of invectives by individuals during the elections campaign.

Mr. Dweh said he was deeply worried that young people of the county who are engaged in campaign activities continue to rain insults on each other, something the Inspector frowned on, describing it as “uncivilized”.

Dweh said he observed that during this elections period nearly everyone in the county have turned into politician and have abandoned their various areas of vocation and specialty.

At the same time Dweh is calling on those involved to desist from such practice and preach peace instead of attacking or damaging individual’s character on a daily basis

It can be recalled recently there have been war of words between former superintendent Chris Bailey and members of the camp of incumbent representative Zoe Emmanuel Pennue in the media.


September 28th, 2017

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